New Trailer For The Walking Dead Season 2, Zombies And Jesus Collide

Yes, that’s what you get for hiring women writers: huge gratuitous photos of Norman Reedus at the top of any post about The Walking Dead. Drink him in…

I was supposed to be writing about something…?

Oh yes, a new trailer has arrived for season 2 of kooky family drama series The Walking Dead, and it looks like they’ll spend some time this season tackling the question of why God created zombies.

My opinion? It was so that Jesus could have some friends!*


If the second season is anywhere as near as good as the first, despite the departure of Frank Darabont midway through filming, then we should be in for a treat. A horrible, festering, pustulent treat that wants to kill us all and eat our brains.

*Apologies to Christians everywhere. I am going to Hell.