Tuesday Trending Topics: Doctor Whosday

Tuesday Trending Topics: Doctor Whosday

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Lots of tidbits about upcoming Doctor Who have come to light in recent days, with several more than are shown here just missing that top-3 cut for today’s most-read.  So here’s a link to all recent Doctor Who stories.

Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

The Return To The X-Men, Blue And Gold

The X-Men Regenesis teasers being issued by Marvel Comics seem to be falling into two camps. Those with Blue logos and those with yellow. Each colour seem to be setting up a common background as well, with images slotting together.

Swipe File: Mike Deodato And Neal Adams

I’ve noted of late that Mike Deodato, ever a man who can switch srtistic styles in comics, has been veering towards Neal Adams of late.

What If Male Superheroes Posed Like Wonder Woman On The David Finch Justice League Cover?

From somewhere in deepest darkest 4chan… a remixing of Colasquid‘s original piece.…

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

The Continuing Journeys Of Doctor Who And The Ponds: Plot Synopses For Series 6

Well, this is the one we’ve all been waiting for. These just-released synopses from Steven Moffat reveal a lot about the story arc for the rest of this season of Doctor Who. They verge on becoming spoilers, so if you’re determined to remain completely in the dark about what’s coming next then I’d suggest clicking away from this page right now.

What Is Nina Toussaint-White To Doctor Who?

This is English actress Nina Toussaint-White. She appears in the upcoming run of Doctor Who, playing the character Mels.

We Don’t Know Who The Crow Is, But It’s Not Bradley Cooper Any More

No, apparently it’s down to “scheduling conflicts”, and here’s the kicker: the scheduling conflict in question is the upcoming adaptation of John Milton’s Paradise Lost, which is being helmed by the director of the original Crow movie, Alex Proyas. Is it coincidence, or something more? Proyas has been down on the remake of his film from the very beginning. In an interview with DigitalSpy.com, he had this to say:

Most-Clicked Pics Today:

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