When Neil Gaiman Checks Grant Morrison’s Typos

Grant Morrison wrote a fun piece in the Guardian, to complement his Supergods book (did you see the interview on MSNBC the other night?). Including this small summation.

The Flash #163, 1966

Photograph: DC Comics

This was from the time of pop art comics in the 1960s when DC Comics had go-go chicks, and almost Bridget Riley-style op-art across the top. It’s a great cover that shows the head and shoulders of The Flash, holding up his hand to the reader. He’s yelling out, “STOP! DON’T PASS UP THIS ISSUE – MY LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!” A supervillain sets up a machine whereby everyone forgets that The Flash ever existed, and his body begins to attenuate into this red mist; there’s a very odd, paranoid feel to the story. In the end he’s only saved because there’s this little girl sitting by the side of the docks who still believes in him.

Only for Neil Gaiman to add in the comments;

  • Contributor

    NeilGaiman23 July 2011 3:47AM

    Go-go checks. Not chicks. Checks.

Seriously, how terrifying would it be to have Neil Gaiman as your copy editor?

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