The Royal Wedding Motion Comic Launches Today On iPhone, iPad and Android

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Diamond, it seems, have delayed shipping the Bluewater royal wedding comic to comic book stores next week. I can feel publisher Darren Davis’ pain, I really can. The book may be competition for my own, but considering the amount of publicity he’s organised, he must ache when he sees comic stores without the comic in question on the big day. And probably selling one or two of mine, out for a month, on the back of it. Apparently Diamond have managed to rush ship it out to shops this week in time for the big day….

But talking of publicity I appeared live outside Buckingham Palace on This Morning on ITV1 just before noon, more of that when I have it, but ITV created their own kind of motion comic based on the comic art from Kate And William: A Very Public Love Story we provided, to illustrate the piece. As well as a special extra scene created for the show, drawn by Mike Collins.

Which was lovely, but nothing near the complexity of the motion comic based on the comic Kate And William: A Very Public Love Story created for the iPad, iPhone and Android and launching today. Here are three videos, a trailer for the collection and a couple of clips from the individual chapters.

I have to say I quite enjoy the speech balloons moving with the characters, gives it another sense of comics reality. So… what do you think?

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