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LetterWatch: Hand lettering the Happy Prince with P Craig Russell. That’s right folks, once upon a time, people lettered – by hand!


FCBDWatch: Gosh Comics in London are having a Free Comic Book Day signing on May 7th, with Dan Abnett, Al Ewing and Robbie Morrison from 1-2pm.

ConWatch: Allan Rosenberg is organising his final  Hawthorne High School Comic Convention in New Jersey on May 14th . With students of the Cartooning and the Art Clubs as well as Walter Simonson, Herb Trimpe, Bob Wiacek, Joe Staton, Mark Texiera, Rudy Nebres, Paolo Rivera, Mark Romanowski, Dick Ayers, Elaine Lee, Danny Fingeroth, Jim Salicrup, Rodney Ramos, Guy Dorian, Ian Dorian, Steve Mannion, Buddy Scaler, Rick Parker, Ken Gale, Mercy Van Vlack, Trevor Von Eedon, Louis Small Jr.,Neil Volkes and possibly Joe Sinnott, Joe Giella,  Scott Roberts and James Sherman too. Contact  alllal@aol.com to find out more.

PoliticsWatch: An attack site against Canadian Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, uses the Rip Van Winkle comic book cover from Classics Illustrated.

Spider-Watch: Marvel and Hero Initiative create a fundraising effort for artist Josh Medors.

This is Computo the Comic Link Conqueror speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

Shotgun Blast Wounds Man Filming Scene From ‘Spiderman’ | WBNS-10TV, Central Ohio News

A group of men were filming an amateur movie in the basement of a Clintonville home on Sunday evening when a gun being used as a prop fired, striking one of them in the leg, police said.

‘DC Universe Online’ Spawns Real-Life Superhero Tailor Shop [Video] – ComicsAlliance | Comic book culture, news, humor, commentary, and reviews

Continuing a viral marketing tradition popularized by The Dark Knight and its many real life Joker-themed events and press packages, DC Entertainment took to the streets to promote its DC Universe Online game by opening a tailor shop where players can have their custom superhero costumes hand-made for every day use. Created by advertising giant Leo Burnett Worldwide, Mr. Lee’s Sastreria is a charming tailor’s shop located in Madrid, Spain, and is accepting appointments now.

Bill Blackbeard, The Man Who Saved Comics, Dead at 84 | The Comics Journal

Bill Blackbeard, without question or quibble, is the only absolutely indispensable figure in the history of comics scholarship for the last quarter century—and will undoubtedly retain the title for well into this century and beyond. On March 10, only a few weeks shy of his 85th birthday, Blackbeard died in California at Country Villa Watsonville East Nursing Home where he had been living for some time.

Marvel MMO announcing its writer this Thursday | Massively

Wakey wakey, Marvel MMO fans: Your favorite company has a big announcement lined up for later this week. It’s so big, apparently, that today the legendary comic book publisher released an announcement about its upcoming announcement.

By the Hammer of Thor! Nicolas Cage’s Son Marries – E! Online

Weston—a full-blown comic book geek like his father—presented his bride-to-be with an emerald and diamond wedding band while Nikki gave him a ring sporting the hammer-wielding thunder god Thor, his all-time favorite Marvel superhero.

Kate Brown & Paul Duffield at Orbital | The Forbidden Planet International Blog Log

Happening at Orbital Comics London, in association with the upcoming MCM London Expo, Kate Brown (artist on Spider Moon at the DFC and the forthcoming SelfMadeHero book fish+chocolate) and Paul Duffield (artist on Signal and Freakangels) have an exhibition running during May.

Art of Thor: Ryan Meinerding

I don’t think so; some of Kirby’s early designs don’t have tall horns. I think we saw it as an opportunity to create something unique with him. I don’t know if it came through as a strict mandate to keep [them], but from an artistic point of view it was a challenge that we really wanted to try and accomplish, because it becomes such a powerful part of his costume. Thor has the six disks which will always identify him; six disks and the red cape. Loki’s specific design themes are a little less clear. I think there is obviously green and gold or yellow, but there’s not a huge amount of consistent design themes other than the horns, so trying to make that the statement of the costume were definitely things we were trying to accomplish.

The Cute Side of Sinestro

I’d seen these in a local comic shop (Big Easy Comics www.bigeasycomics.com whoop whoop) and been intrigued by them but never felt strongly enough to plunk down the $10 asking price. When I found a lone Sinestro hanging out at a closing Borders for $2 I knew I had to scoop him up and get a closer look.

New Transformers: Dark of the Moon Image Revealed | Superhero Hype

A closer look at Transformers: Dark of the Moon’s villainous Decepticon, Shockwave, has been revealed thanks to iTunes Movie Trailers. You can check out the new shot below and click on it for a much bigger version.

Save Your Tokyopop.com Stuff

On a less positive note, Tokyopop (which recently announced its shutdown of the company’s publishing division) is gearing up for a complete tear down of its website. With a community heavy in participation including blog posts, forums and media uploads, they’ve sent out a few e-mails to remind folks to save what they want now because as of “early next week” it’s all going to be gone.

Cap vs Iron Man?

“I think there’s certainly a dichotomy — this kind of friction between myself and Tony Stark,” he explained. “They’re polar opposites.

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