“We’ve Got To Stop Publishing Late Books” – Dan DiDio

Posted by March 18, 2011 Comment

At the DC Nation panel at C2E2, amidst Dan DiDio action figures, Paul Cornell’s desire to write a Captain Marvel book, and the avoidance Wally West questions, Geoff Johns writing Justice League questions, Swamp Thing questions and Oracle’s new code name questions, Dan did have something serious to focus on.

“It used to be a joke, as long as you keep buying late books, we’ll keep making them. What happened is, you stopped buying them. It’s not a joke anymore. We need to get our schedule under control.”

In a series of Where In The World Is pieces for Bleeding Cool, we’ve asked about missing Bat titles, but other books from Superman to Flash have suffered similar issues. With DC Comics losing marketshare as high selling books slip out of planned months, Dan DiDio seems to be making this an important mission.

How he’ll achieve it, and the price that will be paid to do so, that’s a different matter. As for Batwoman he said that the new delay wasn’t down to JH Williams III who has several books finished now, but to DiDio’s desire to give the book and autumn launch.

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