How Was Fantastic Four #587 Spoiled For You?

Posted by January 25, 2011 Comment

Warning. Clicking any of these links provide spoilers for Fantastic Four #587.

So, how was it for you? Did you wake up in the morning UK-time or were you still awake US-time for the Associated Press interview with Marvel execs to go live and pop up on your comics news feed? With an actual bloody video?

Was it one of the many media sources that picked it up the story, some who put it in the headline?

Of the comics websites with the flimsiest of spoiler protection? Some who again put it in the headline?

Maybe it was a friendly tweet?

Or one of the TV stations that picked the story up for the morning news bulletins? Or the radio?

Or did you get the email from Marvel Comics that put the spoiler in the headline of the e-mail?

Or did you somehow make it unspoiled to the comic shop, managed to ignore the fanboy chatter and taunts of the staff to rip open the bag, have the comic fall out and open to the offending page?

Or did you find your shop wasn’t selling the comic until tomorrow and now have to face David Letterman/Jay Leno/Conan O’Brien/John Stewart/Stephen Colbert/Craig Ferguson who, at any point may throw a punchline involving this character and ruin your day?

Either way, however you were spoiled, you didn’t get it directly on the front page, in a headline or in an article on Bleedin Cool. Unless you read the comments of course, then you’re screwed. Sorry.

Either way, Marvel seems to have decided they wanted publicity uber alles on this one, rather than any kind of surprise…

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