Grant Morrison Joins Twitter. How Long Before It Gains Sentience?

For a while now the @grantmorrison twitterfeed has been owned and run by a Grant Morrison fan, who kept people up to date with Grant’s comings and goings.

Well, with the debut of the Grant Morrison documentary Talking With The Gods, Grant Morrison and his wife Kristan have taken personal control of the account. Here are Grant’s first brave new tweets.

3.4 billion years of evolution to create this perfectly self-aware phone/flesh fusion. Are you there, Mother?

1st speaking role on now. Sinking pink champagne in LA with K. Dog bless #MCR.

Grant stated once or twice that his intention at the DC Universe was to take its vast complex continuity and make it sentient. One wonders if recent changes at the parent company were as a result of that.

Anyway, now he has Twitter to play with. Hold on to your cerebral cortexes, folks, it’s going to get rough.

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