The Amazon UK Glitch Rocks The Charts

Just as with the US version earlier in the year, the UK Amazon Glitch is beginning to rock the charts. Here are a few examples;

Top Books Ordered On Amazon UK

8. Walt Simonson Thor Omnibus for £22.09 (this one works out as a really big deal for Americans even with postage added)

14. Captain America Lives! for £9.89

37. Fall Of The Mutants Omnibus for £11.69

39. Jack Kirby Captain America Omnibus for £19.13

58. Ghost Rider Oversized (Jason Aaron) for £16.14

66. X-Men Volume 2 Omnibus (Gary Friedrich and Roy Thomas) for £19.13

Other possible contenders for Mini-Glitch deal watchers include the Atlantis Attacks Omnibus, the Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty , Marvel Masterworks: Atlas Era Battlefield – Volume 1, Marvel Masterworks: Golden Age Mystic Comics – Volume 1 Marvel Masterworks: The Mighty Thor – Volume 2, Squadron Supreme Hardcover, Punisher: Franken-Castle and the Heroic Age paperback.

Now a warning to the wise. These are all preorders. It is very likely that Amazon will cancel all these orders and it is within their legal rights to do so. But you never know, one or two just might slip through, right?

And be warned of any glitches – currently Thunderbolts Classic is listed at several time its real preorder price as is The Dark Tower: Treachery

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