Treviso Comic Book Festival: Day Two by Rich Johnston

Treviso Comic Book Festival: Day Two by Rich Johnston

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Last night’s comics festival party was in a terribly fashionable barfull of the beautiful, TV producers, directors, musicians and magazine editors  fawning over the comic creators.  Decorated with comic art from a local punk rocker-turned-creator, the creators eventually took to the walls and I confess I joined it. From a war weary smoking cartoon dog to Emilo’s teddy bear basking in one of the lights, I contributed a crusty little greebo trying not to get burnt by the other light. All suffused with cocktails, pasta and bruschetta. Terribly, terribly civilised comics.

We spent last night under a mosquito net, that somehow gave the impression of a four poster bed. We could hear them bouncing off the netting,  but till a couple of the buggers found their way and feasted on English food. My African wife was, however, clearly too exotic for them and remained unbitten. She’s possibly too spicy.

But with a spring in my step and an itch between my shoulder blades, we ventured out into the Northern Italian streets of Treviso to the sounds of the cathedral bell calling the people to Mass.

Instead the people seem to be more interested in shopping, drinking coffee, walking tiny dogs and selling rosary beads on the street. Our journey to the show wasn’t interrupted by shoes and bags this time as the shops very consideratly don’t open till the afternnon.

The show was in full swing however, a much increased audiences and long lines for Emilo and David B, clearly the stars of the show. I also discovered the Avatar titles translated by Edizioni BD and given a kind of imprint look that the US publisher avoids.  Got to say – I rather liked it. There are a number of familiar books here, given an Italian remodel, but they are dominated by local work. I’ve just bought the first two volumes of Ausonia’s Interni o la miserevole vita di uno scrittore di successo which looks magnificent. More to come.

I get the idea that Neonomicon from BAO will look very different indeed. Possibly bound in the skins of dead babies or something. We shall see.

The other big attraction today is the cosplay event this afternoon . Which explained the Sailor Moon, Final Fantasy and Jack Skellingtons on our way in. Photos later… after lunch!

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