Dressing Up Castle Combe For Steven Spielberg’s War Horse

Dressing Up Castle Combe For Steven Spielberg’s War Horse

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Steven Spielberg’s War Horse is about to start filming at the village of Castle Combe in Wiltshire, England. The cast and crew have taken over all local accommodation in a fifteen mile radius, with over three hundred extras on hand and thirty horses. For those experiencing a sense of deja vu, the village featured was also seen in Stardust and Wolfman.

From Little Bleeder “Kjax” managed to take a few shots of the village. Apparently, all the set dressing was done in ten hours today, courtesy of a huge crew and over twenty night time security staff. And filming proper starts this Tuesday.

The dressers have put out all fresh fruit and veg out, have changed door numbers, laid down the dirt road and stuck moss in all the right place. In fact five people were dedicated to moss dressing the sets. Reports are that they’re spending a lot of money making this look just right.

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