Friday Runaround – Cancelled Cons, Still-Alive Privates

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ScotWatch: Boo! The Hi-Ex Comics Convention has been cancelled next year. The BBC reports “Organisers said a lack of sponsorship and other pressures on their time meant they were unable to host an event “fans and guests deserved”” althogh they hope to have a new show in 2012.

FilmWatch: I always thought that RIPD was a superb title for a comic –  if not the greatest actual comic. I wonder how much the film will align with the comic, and how much it will just use one of the best comic book titles ever concocted.

CNNWatch: Ahead of the Middle East Comic Con, CNN is reporting United Arab Emirates created manga-style comic books…

StripWatch: Beetle Bailey is 60. And still awful.

KickWatch: John Romita Jr talks about the different UK and US audiences for the Kick-Ass movie.

I’m confounded by people who complained about the little girl and the foul language and violence, because, you know, there are no children with foul mouths in the United States! But no, I’m very happy that the UK took to it the way it did, because even though it’s based in New York, this was a British production. I think that flair was there, and I think Matthew Vaughn doing the film gave it its strength in the UK and Europe. And I was very happy that the box office take was divided so evenly between the UK and the States.

BC ComicChronThis is The Bleeding Cool ComicChron Robot speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

They say I am a work in progress. The fools.

Pádraig Ó Méalóid talks to Peter Hogan

And we were doing fairly well, for a small publisher. But Pete had managed to get himself hooked on heroin, and when he got clean again he hit a financial crisis and decided he was going to radically change his entire life. So he quit The Who, and shut down all his businesses – many of which deserved to be shut down, because they were insane. Recording studios on barges, for example. But Pete told me years later that his accountant was completely mystified as to why he’d shut the bookshop and the publishing company down, because they were actually making money. So it goes. The bookshop got sold, and has changed hands several times since then but is still a bookshop, which I’m quite pleased about.

Twitter / Bryan Lee O’Malley

Vol 6 is the last Scott Pilgrim book. You’ll just have to fanfic the “rest” …was that not clear?

The Economy of Webcomics: The KB Life Interviews Nick Langley

At San Diego Comic-Con International, our own Nick Langley participated in a panel on webcomics. Nick covered “The Economy of Webcomics” and brought in Super Fogeys creator Brock Heasley to discuss what went wrong with DC Comic’s Zuda line of digital comics. Kirrus of The KB Life interviewed Nick about the topic and the panel.

Influence Maps

The Influence Map meme is proving to be absolute catnip to artists, and there is something about the format that is utterly infectious. If I had any picture editing software on my computer, I’d maybe even give it a go myself (though mine would be comprised entirely of booze labels, crisp packets, guitarists and dead novelists with gigantic beards). Here’s some hotlinks to a few of my favourites that have been doing the rounds on Twitter and Deviant Art. Listed entirely in random order based only on the tabs in my browser running right to left as I composed this. So no sulking. I’m looking at you, Wynne.

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