Alan Moore's Unearthing Album Online

We know that Alan Moore's new spoken-word album, Unearthing, a magical and historical history of Steve Moore, is released as a box set with art, liner notes, vinyl and CDs, copy of the text, instrumental versions and the like. And will set you back £50/$72 from Lex Records. A little less on, a little more on

But is there a cheaper-yet-still-legal way? In this digital realm, absolutely.

British and Irish listeners, or those able to fake a UK IP address, can stream the album in full for free from We7. Although I have to say it does suffer from having horrible adverts for Folkestone inbetween each track.

To avoid the delights of Linx deodorant spots, you can pay to download the tracks if you wish, 76 pence a track or £7.36 for all eleven.

The album is available on iTunes for $9.99, the first three tracks individually available for 99 cents each.

And it's on download for £7.99, 79 pence a track.

You can of course always read the book.

And you can see a preview wherever you are here;

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