Breaking Down The $85 Million Scott Pilgrim Budget

“Eighty-five million dollars? Really?”

Apparently so. As much as Scott Pilgrim VS The World is a dazzling delight of innovative CGI, choreographed set pieces and a unique visual style, there has been some disquiet over the price of the thing. Especially since director Edgar Wright was able to make Shaun Of The Dead on 5% of that.

Firstly however tax breaks brought the actual cost of the movie down to around sixty-seventy million dollars. Which still seems a lot.

Secondly, it was a long production process, spread over five years. This film took time to make.

And thirdly I’m told that, in a reversal of recent trends, most of the money went above the line. Thirty million dollars actually producing and shooting the film over five years, and thirty-eight million on the key actors, director and rights. This kind of split was more common in the days where Tom Cruise could command a twenty million dollar salary, but of late even the key actors’ salaries prove a much smaller fraction of the budget of the movie. Not here. Michael Cera itself got a very reasonable thank-you-very-much sum totalling several million alone.

Now, of course the movie may not have achieved the audience it did without studio-friendly famous guest stars such as Brandon Routh and Chris Evans. But in retrospect, it probably would have.

Anyway, as previously expressed, Scott Pilgrim will make its many back, and more besides with a succcessful DVD and Blu Ray campaign. I’m already expecting great things…

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