Return To The Amalgam Age Of Comics

It’s time for another nineties revival. The Amalgam Age Of Comics. After the Marvel Vs DC Crossover, the respective companies published a series of books by major talents that basically mashed up Marvel and DC characters into amalgams of each other. Dark Claw, Super Soldier and the like.

But that was then. These days DC aren’t keen to revisit such exercises. But that doesn’t mean the fans have to let it go. So let me welcome you to Paul Cornish. Who has been creating his own Amalgamations. Seriously, once you’ve encountered Masticator War Journal, you never go back.

When Janet Dibny was murdered by super-villains her husband Hank Dibny, the Elongated Ant, stopped at nothing to track down her killers. Tragically Hank’s final confrontation with the super-powered murderers resulted in the destruction of several city blocks, including an elementary school. Shortly after this catastrophe the Superhuman Registration Act was passed and all heroes were required by law to surrender their secret identities to the government. Many refused and, led by Super Soldier, formed an underground resistance. S.H.I.E.L.D was torn from the grasp of rogue agent Bruce Wayne and placed under the control of Iron Lantern. The Emerald Avenger now found himself with the unpleasant task of leading the heroes who agreed to register in a war against Super Soldier’s resistance. And so, the Identity War began and the Amalgam Universe was never the same again….

Oliver Murdock was a human rights lawyer who threatened to expose an evil corporation’s illegal dumping of toxic waste on a deserted island. Assassins working for the corporation blinded Oliver with that same toxic waste and left him on the island to die! The stranded man soon found that the toxic waste had taken his sight but heightened his remaining senses beyond normal human ability. He made himself a bow and found that his new abilities enabled him to shoot an arrow with superhuman accuracy! He was able to survive long enough to be rescued and returned to New Star City ready to begin a one man war against the corporate greed and corruption that robbed him of his sight. He is DEVILBOW!

Devilbow has made more than a few enemies over the years. Enemies such as The Clock Kingpin, “Bullseye” Drakon and Merlyn Hyde. Luckily he’s also gained a few allies; the reformed assassin Shadoktra, best friend Foggy Harper and fellow superhero, The Widowed Canary.

Howard Constantine was a only a dabbler in the occult on Duckworld until the day a deal with the demon Nergal went horribly wrong. Howard was sent through the Nexus of Realities and stranded on Earth. He now searches for a way home, using his occult knowledge to stay one step ahead of the agents of Hell. He is Howard Constantine, Hellduck, trapped in a supernatural world he never made!

Jack Banner was a skilled research scientist on the verge of financial ruin. Desperate for money and terrified of losing his fiancee Betty, Jack turned to certain foreign interests for help. Jack was sent to steal the experimental gamma nerve gas he’d been working on for the government. Despite a last second change of heart, he was caught in the act and a stray bullet fired by an overzealous guard gave Jack a face full of the gas. Now, whenever Jack laughs a horrible transformation occurs and the gentle scientist is transformed into a monstrous, giggling psychopath! What’s the Big Joke? Jack Banner is the Big Joke, and there’s nothing funny about that.

Wade Tyler was the most inept mercenary the world had ever seen. That was until the day he stole the formula required to make Miraclo X. When Wade takes a Miraclo X pill he gains super strength, speed and agility as well as an accelerated healing factor. There are however, certain drawbacks. Wade was left horribly disfigured by the drug and the powers granted by the drug only last one hour at a time. Worst of all, for that hour Wade is totally insane. Now Wade is one of the top mercenaries in the world, but at the price of becoming a slave to Miraclo X and it’s hour of power. He is DEADHOUR!

Raised a prince of the royal family of the planet Coluria, Dr. Vril Von Dox always believed he would follow in the footsteps of his father, the evil titanium clad computer tyrant Titaniac. That is until the fateful day he decided to free Coluria from his father’s evil clutches. In order to complete his quest Dox formed the Lawless Extra-Guerilla Interstellar Operatives Network, or L.E.G.I.O.N. But is Dr. Dox truly seeking to free his people, or is L.E.G.I.O.N. just a means of gaining more power than even that of Titaniac? Will Dr. Dox be the Universe’s saviour, or its conqueror?

Richard Namor was an actor who discovered his true identity as the lost Prince of Atlantis on the fateful night that his daughter was abducted! His continuing quest to find his missing daughter takes him both above and below the waves. On land he uses his talents as an actor to impersonate an old lady, causing his foes to underestimate him, a mistake that costs them dearly. While in the depths of the oceans, Namor casts off his skirt and make-up and combats evil using the amazing aquatic abilities that are his birthright! He is MADAM MARINER!

When Tenzil Kastle of the planet Bismoll journeys with his family from the 30th Century to present day Earth, his Time Machine lands right in the middle of a Gang War! With his family killed in the crossfire and his Time Machine destroyed, Tenzil finds himself stranded and alone. Using all the deadly skills he picked up fighting Skrulls for the United Planets and his natural ability to eat matter in all forms, Tenzil wages a one man war on the criminal scum that ruined his life. He is the Masticator!

When circus aerialist Richard Parker witnessed the murder of his parents he felt he would never be able to bring the killer, crimelord Osborn Zucco, to justice. That is until he was bitten by a radioactive spider! Richard’s natural acrobatic abilities were enhanced a hundredfold and he gained the uncanny ability to cling to walls and sense when danger is near. Now Richard seeks to avenge his parent’s death, opposing injustice wherever he finds it as The Amazing Spiderwing!

When billionaire media mogul Clark Stark is wounded by criminals in a botched kidnapping, he is forced to don a mysterious suit of armour from an alien world in order to save his life. Now he fights such villains as Lex Laser, Meltallo and Titaniac in a never ending battle for truth, justice and the American way. Clark Stark is the Invincible Man of Iron.

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