“Cry-Lite For Boys” – Scott Pilgrim Flops At Box Office

Yesterday I wrote a piece looking at the tracking statistics for Scott Pilgrim and fearing the worst.

Nikki Finke at Deadline reports the worst looking at industry weekend estimates based on performance so far. And for Scott Pilgrim, it doesn’t look good. It’s currently estimated to come fifth for the weekend.

1. The Expendables (Lionsgate) NEW [3,270 Theaters]
Friday $13.5M, Estimated Weekend $34M

2. Eat Pray Love (Sony) NEW [3,082 Theaters]
Friday $9M, Estimated Weekend $26.5M

3. The Other Guys (Sony) Week 2 [3,651 Theaters]
Friday $5.7M (-56%), Estimated Weekend $17.2M, Estimated Cume $70M

4. Scott Pilgrim v The World (Universal) NEW [2,818 Theaters]
Friday $4.7M, Estimated Weekend $11M)

5. Inception (Warner Bros) Week 5 [3,120 Theaters]
Friday $3.4M (-38%), Estimated Weekend $11.5M, Estimated Cume $248.6M

Now, a film like Scot Pilgrim may have the chance of performing batter over the weekend, as it is more likely to be able to engender repeat viewings. But this is a poor performance, not only being beaten by Expendables and Eat Pray Love but also last week’s The Other Guys and the rolling on of Inception. And unlike Kick Ass, it’s unable to pull in any extra Thursday release figures to help massage the statistics.

And while industry statistics had begun to be reined back as advertising seemed to do the opposite of what was indented, with significantly influencing aspects of the audience being turned off the movie, the closer it came to screening, this is still lower than anyone pegged.

This may well be the death kell for movies supported and promoted to suh a huge degree at Comic Con. Rather than attendees going home to tell people how great the movie was, they seem to have gone home and kept it to themselves!

Of course, Expendables was also promoted at Con, but that won’t fit the new narrative. Expect expectations for Skyline and Red to be knocked back as a result.

The film may rock. But heads will roll.

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