Scott Pilgrim Odds And Ends Hits $77 On eBay

Posted by August 11, 2010 Comment

I know I’ve got one of these somewhere. Can I find it before the bubble bursts?

Scott Pilgrim: Full Colour Odds & Ends 2008 is a compilation of Free Comic Book Day Scott Pilgrim (2007) and other small appearances such as four pages of Wonderful World of Kim Pine and two pages from Now Magazine Best of Toronto. It was until recently, selling for $5 on Oni’s website, has become the most desirable Scott Pilgrim comic, now selling for $77. This is more than first prints of all the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels put together sells for. And only a week ago, it was selling for $25.

If you have a copy, it may be worth digging it out.  And taking advantage of the movie release excitement that has driven prices insane.

You may also want to see if you have any other additional volumes, such as Comics Festival (40-page anthology including a one-page Scott Pilgrim comic; released on Free Comic Book Day 2005), PENG (72-page one-shot comic book by Corey Lewis where Scott Pilgrim appears in one panel; released in 2005), Free Scott Pilgrim #1 FCBD 2006 Edition (32-page comic book featuring an 17-page original Scott Pilgrim story; released on Free Comic Book Day 2006. Comics Festival 2007! (40-page anthology including a half-page Scott Pilgrim comic and a 4-page Wonderful World of Kim Pine comic; released on Free Comic Book Day 2007)

And if you want to read the book, but can’t afford the silly money, publishers Oni make the whole thing available for free on their website.

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