Being Human Series 3 – The Stolen Necronomicon Eggs Of Cardiff

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On the BBC the other day, they showed Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel, a film that had seen limited general release in the UK but had managed to pass me by completely. Still, I’m a sucker for time travel stories, it had Chris O’Dowd from The IT Crowd in it and Dean Lennox Kelly from Shameless and Doctor Who, so I settled down and thoroughly enjoyed the sucker. Which led me to have to do some research into the film and its writer.

Comedian Jamie Mathieson. He also wrote the fourth episode of the second series/season of vampire/werewolf/ghost flatshare drama Being Human. The one where Annie gets a crash course in being a ghost and dealing with the doors of death by a dead World War II RAF pilot who is also still hanging around.

And now, today, letting us know that he’s written an episode for the third series/season, that’s being filmed as we speak, so he’s probably okay to finally talk about it.

He describes the episode as;

For the curious, my episode is the one where the werewolf/vampire hybrid steals the Necronomicon eggs and pollutes the water supply of Cardiff with the ghost virus.

Some of that may be untrue.

But not all of it.

(The new series is set in Cardiff.)

Thanks for that Jamie… he’s also writing the screenplay for Warren Ellis and Steve Pugh’s Hotwire, you know. Or probably written by now. Anyway.

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