Neil Gaiman At The Sydney Opera House

Neil Gaiman talks about performing at the Sydney Opera House for ninety minutes, and how he managed to get Eddie Campbell up on stage with him. Hmm. Neil still looks weird in glorious sunshine.

And while Neil was there, he went into a local bookshop and went mad.
So I went to the Kinokuniya bookshop yesterday afternoon…  and I signed 2000 books by me. Everything they had. EVERYTHING. So although there will not be a signing, anyone coming on Saturday night can get a signed book. Probably anyone in Sydney who wants anything signed by me next week will just have to go into Kinokuniya and take your choice.
Basically, right now, if you have a Neil Gaiman book in Sydney that’s not signed, it’s probably more valuable. At part of the Sydey Opera House Graphic Festival we’ll see Neil Gaiman reading The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains, with Eddie Campbell illustrating the story and Australian string quartet FourPlay creating a live score. Kevin Smith will host an evening Q&A session. Akira will be shown in the original Japanese language version with live score by Regurgitator. Art from Shaun Tan’s graphic novel The Arrival played to a live score by Ben Walsh’s Orkestra of the Underground. And a selection of the most innovative new computer games from this year’s Sundance Festival for Games will be on display.

Any Aussies or Kiwis who pop along, do report back for Bleeding Cool.

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