Mark Millar’s News About To Break Again!

It was meant to be announced at midnight PST. It wasn’t. Then it was meant to be several hours later. It still wasn’t. Some doubted if there was going to be a big industry-highpoint announcement at all, and if this was just a way to get more people to click on Mark’s twitterfeed. Well there might have been an element of that.

But according to Mark Millar, half an hour ago, “They wanted me to approve some visuals and my attourney wanted to fix a couple of things. But it’s done now and should be breaking inside the hour. Maybe sooner!”

So we have twenty minutes tops! Before we find out if Mark’s directing Nemesis, if Brad Pitt is heading up a Millarworld Studio operating out of Burbank, or if he’s spearheading a launch to be the first Scot on Jupiter…

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