Thursday Runaround – WOVERINE!!!!!!

SpellWatch: From the recent X-Men #1;

DoctorWatch: It was a pig to film. The shooting angles were all wrong. There were too many reflective surfaces. And they're changing it next year. But dammit I thought the fifth series TARDIS interior was very very cool indeed.The only thing I now have to do is find a way to justify buying this TARDIS playset for $70 from Character Options. Hang on, I've got kids. Oh, sorted. Just, you know, they won't actually be able to play with it. That would be silly.

Thanks to Topless Robot for the temptation.

MarkEvanierWatch: He writes;

First of all, having things other than comics at Comic-Con is not a betrayal of its roots. It was always part of Shel Dorf's original Mission Statement that the con would embrace forms other than comics, if only to demonstrate that comics were part of the same world. He had a little speech about it that I believe he cribbed with permission from Jack Kirby. At the 1974 convention, the big Guest of Honor was Frank Capra. Mr. Capra had about as much to do with comics as does the cast of Glee…maybe less since the cast of Glee has probably read some comic books.

ScottWatch: Sailor Moon Vs The World

TeaseWatch: Is this… the return… of Wednesday Comics? Or Superman/Batman #75?

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