Lying In The Gutters - 2nd August 2010

Lying In The Gutters – 2nd August 2010

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Paul Duffield’s cover to Kieron Gillen’s The Heat, out from Avatar next year. And a look at a hectic jetlagged week at Bleeding Cool – it’s two weeks to Chicago, you know…

Top Ten Most Read Posts Of The Week

1. God Loves Gay Robin – Comic-Con Vs Westboro Baptist Church For the second week in a row, the number one story on the site.
2. Comic-Con Trailer For Thor – the footage may have only been online for hours. But it was enough to draw in the internet. Notice how it stayed up longer by circumventing YouTube…
3. Oh, Go On Then – A Look At Chris Evans In The Captain America Costume
4. SWIPE FILE: Flash And Spider-Man Selling Their Loves To The Devil And yes, it all got changed the next issue. But Flash still did it, not knowing that.
5. Tanya Does San Diego – What Happens When Pornstars Cosplay You guys, you’re so predictable.
6. When Superheroes Get Old The most popular Power Girl post – without the obvious reasons.
7. Is This The First Gay Kiss On The Cover Of A Marvel Comic? After extensive research – yes, it is.
8. Grant Morrison And Game Theory A major dissection of one recurring theme in Grant’s books of late. And of course, Seven Soldiers – dice.
9. Another Major Marvel Typo Seriously. Their CEO is Isaac Perlmutter. Say, can anyone find a photo of him anywhere>
10. Frank Miller Turns Batman Into The Fixer He’s the goddamn Fixer!

The Next Top Ten Comics Posts

1. Does Thunderstrike #1 By Tom DeFalco And Ron Frenz Herald Nineties Revival
2. Three Pieces Of Art On A Thursday – Marvel, Marvelman And Bagwell
3. Todd McFarlane Stealth Publishes Neil Gaiman’s Spawn Twice
4. Page Six One Six – San Diego Comic Con Blind Items
5. Why I’m Excited About Marvel’s Osborn
6. Gail Simone Switches From CBR To Bendis Boards
7. The Real Superheroes In Pictures
8. SWIPE FILE: Sucker Punch Vs Silent Dragon
9. SWIPE FILE: Jon Schiller Design and CAPCOM
10. Can Publishers Afford San Diego? Can They Afford Not To?

The Next Top Ten Film Posts

1. Rumourous Growths: Wasp *Is* In The Avengers? And… Ant Man Too? Played By WHO?
2. That Blue Beetle Live Action Demo In Full
3. Rise Of The Apes – Best On Set Picture Ever?
4. Poster For Perfectly Cast Yogi Bear Film Looks Odd
5. The Unknowns Comic Unveiled at Comic-Con, Already Optioned For Movie
6. Rapid-Fire Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Roundup
7. Batman XXX A Porn Parody – The Official Trailer
8. Today Is/Was/Will Be Lisa Simpson’s Wedding Day
9. Is This The Most Commercial Comic-To-Film Never Optioned?
10. Captain America Clip From Comic-Con Reveals Thor Tie-In

The Top Ten Posts You Should Have Read

1.The Diegetic Panelisation Of Alan Moore And Jacen Burrows’ Neonomicon
2.BUSTED: Princess Lucinda
3. Cosplay At San Diego Comic Con Special
4.Kaboom Not Good Enough For Bunch Of Geeks Says Gregg Araki
5. See Rainn Wilson As The Crimson Bolt And Not As The Crimson Bolt
6. Toro! Toro! Toro! It’s Guillermo Watch: Volume Two
7.  Jim Henson-Scripted Comic – Exclusive Details
8. Page Six One Six – San Diego Comic Con Blind Items
9. VIDEO: Image Comics Pavilion At San Diego
10. Kieron Gillen’s Curfew Goes Live

The Top Five Things We Should Have Linked To (But Didn’t)

1. Chris  Looks Through Previews So I Don’t Have To
2. Heidi Tells Us The Importance Of Going To Ralph’s
3. James Anticipates A Neighbouring Beer Garden
4. Steve Gives Us The Moscow Dynamo
5. Sweden Jumps On The Manga Child Porn Legal Bandwagon

See you next week, LITG subscribers!

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