The Drinking Spots Of Old San Diego Town – Preview Night

The Preview Night at San Diego Comic Con 2010 was incredibly busy… or incredibly slow, depending where you happened to be.

This year, Preview Night was restricted to the first few thousands who bought four day passes – and basically get Preview Night free. The committed few. Those prepared to buy early and buy for the whole week. The hardcore.

And teh hardcore it seemed were all about games, movies, toys and TV. So that end of the show was heaving to busting, while you could walk around the comics areas with ease. As long as you weren’t too near to Robert Kirkman and Bryan O’Malley that is.

But if you wanted stuff signed by the likes of Jim Lee, Geoff Johns or Ivan Reis, the queues were relatively short. Even when people brought along their complete Blackest Night crossover to get scrawled across. And everyone was able to congratulate Paul Cornell on his new Stan Lee title from Boom!

And there was a seriously disappointing lack of cosplay. It really came down to these three women… and the many fans who followed them.

Although the giveaways did help a little, brightening up the otherwise comparatively dowdy attendees.

The Throne Of Odin (first seen on Bleeding Cool) got a lot of attention. And yes, there was no way I could resist….

So I picked up my copy of Ax from Top Shelf, CBGB from Boom!, Neonomicon from Avatar, Judge Dredd Graphic Novel 1 from 2000AD, and Scott Pilgrim 6 from Oni. Took meetings with the Singapore convention people. And then hit the bar.

Some declared that the Hilton Scott Pilgrim was the new drinking place for Con now that The Hyatt had been taken over by Al Gore and his healthcare summit thing. And I went along with it… at least initially.

However habit is a hard thing to break. And while there were a few familiar faces at the Hilton Bay Front to give it its proper name, from Frazer Irving to Jill Thompson to the crew from Reed, in the end… comic pros gravitated to what they knew. Most DC people could be found in the Marriot hotel where many of them were staying, while everyone else ended up back at the Hyatt where no one is staying, happy to outdrink the healthcare attendees.  Who seem to have more concern for their livers. Whether that was Nicky Barrucci, Tony Lee, John Cassaday, Ben Templesmith amongst many, its seems that, Al Gore or no Al Gore, homophobic owner or no homophobic owner, The Hyatt bars are still the comic industry place to be in the wee hours.

Say isn’t it slightly ironic that, before they protest against the Comic Con today, the Westboro Baptist Church will have their “God Hates Fags” and will be protesting against Al Gore outside the Manchester Grand Hyatt… owned by this guy?

And of course the people queuing through the night form Hall H and Ballroom 20 admittance in the morning. Seriously guys, it makes Con look like cardboard city. There must be another way…

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