SCOOP: Jonathan Hickman And Carlos Pacheco To Launch Ultimate Thor At San Diego

I’ve been calling him the natural successor to Alan Moore. And Marvel do seem to be increasing his profile, moving from books like Secret Warriors to Fantastic Four, indulging in his own personal Marvel project Shield.

While Carlos Pacheco has been drawing A-list titles for a while now, Ultimate Avengers with Mark Millar, Final Crisis with Grant Morrison, Superman with Kurt Busiek, that kind of thing.

And now they are working together on Ultimate Comics Thor, launching in October and to be announced at the San Diego Comic Con.

We’re going to get the intricate history and origin of Asgard in the Ultimate Universe, as we’re there for the births of Thor, Loki and the rest of the gods – and how they become involved with our world through the machinations of Nazi genius Baron Zemo…

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