Pat Lee Starts Interview Tour Of Forgiveness

Pat Lee Starts Interview Tour Of Forgiveness

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Pat Lee has a new book comic out from Dynamite. When I found out, I slightly flew off the handle a bit. Here’s why.

Anyway, now Pat Lee is going into interview mode. And everyone seems to be playing nicey nicey. For comparison, here is a question from Alex Segur Jra’s 2005 Newsarama interview with Pat Lee, considered a puff piece at the time.

What, if anything, would you like to say to the freelancers that claim they never received monies owed to them for work performed for DW? Do you foresee them all getting paid?

And here’s the only relevant question from Troy Brownfield’s current Newsarama interview with Pat Lee,

Pat, it’s true that you have what can be considered a controversial past.  With a renewed visibility on this project, are you expecting controversy in return?  And how would you answer your critics?

FFS… Alex Segura Jr looks like Jeremy Paxman in comparison. Pat takes the softest of softballs and taps it away.

I am aware of the  controversy to some degree  and I respect what everyone has to say.  I understand people’s anger towards the past and I’m not going to challenge them.  People make mistakes, I’m just as human as everyone else is. However, I’ve always enjoyed drawing comics and I respect any and all comments, bad or good – everyone has the right to speak their mind! But I’m still going to continue drawing comics and do what I love.

And driving around in this, of course.

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