Marvel’s Next Big Thing – Shadowland

One of Marvel’s upcoming events to follow Siege will be Shadowland. The main series, written by Andy Diggle, drawn by Billy Tan (who previously worked together on Dark Reign: Daredevil: The List) and edited by Stephen Wacker, will tie in with what are known as Marvel’s “street heroes” – Daredevil, Cage, Iron Fist and the like. Expect crossovers into those kind of titles.

Shadowland was first mentioned in Diggle’s Daredevil #504 and in the subsequent issue, Daredevil remarked that his ally the Black Tarantula is watching over its creation. It appears to be some form of prison, possibly below Manhattan itself. There was a brief mention of its existence in Immortal Weapons. And issue #508-512 by Andy Diggle Antony Johnston will write the story arc named In The Shadows, which seems a shoo-in for crossoverness. The name Shadowland has been teased on solicitations such as;

Pencils by SEAN CHEN
Before the Shadowland comes, we look back at a bit of brutal history between Luke Cage and Daredevil, revealing a mutual respect that may soon be torn asunder.

But the size and scale of the event has not been elaborated upon. And odds are that, just as World War Hulk and Siege took aspects of the Marvel Universe and saw them bleed across into disparate titles, the same may happen here.

This is the first Marvel crossover to concentrate on Daredevil and looks to bring the book square and centre into Marvel Universe continuity. Look to July and August solicitations for more, and a proper announcement at C2E2.

And I’m also told there’s something really shocking occurring in the first month of this event. So shocking that no one at Marvel can even hint at who’s involved. So that’s my job, I guess.

Thanks to B. Rett and Christine.

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