Kick Ass On Times Square And Oxford Circus – And Other Animals (UPDATE)

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While Mark Millar may not have his Nemesis poster on Times Square, he does have this Kick-Ass billboard.

And you should see the window display at FCUK on Oxford Circus right now. As Mark Millar says, “When French Connection sells a Kick-Ass hoodie I get a cut of that.” I’ll pop by with a camera tomorrow.

But in other news, as /Film picks up yesterday’s Bleeding Cool story about Mark Millar’s claims he was asked to write X-Men 4, Matthew Vaughn seems to throw Mark Millar’s claims about potentially writing a Superman movie under a bus. “That sort of all got blown out of proportion. I had a very brief chat with them and that’s all it was. From a 30-second chat, it’s become this huge thing… we just had an idea for a story for Superman — that was it.”

Which as a little less than even the “meetings” that Millar alluded to.

And Latino Review source Pinche Taco, who clearly has a very big bee in his piñata regarding Mark Millar, amid a hail of abuse and bile, firstly damns any possibility that Millar was ever offered X-Men 4, then states that Nemesis will not get a movie deal, then that Matthew Vaughn will be directing a movie version of the Valiant comic Bloodshot. Which is very much at odds with Mark Millar’s statement that he and Vaughn would be working on a movie version of Millar and Leinil Francis Yu’s upcoming comic.

A few bold statements there, and a number that should be verified (or not) in the coming weeks too…

UPDATE: Mark Millar has responded to Pinche Taco saying;

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS GUY AT LATINO REVIEW? IT’S ACTUALLY QUITE DISTURBING…where the guy claims Vaughn is doing a Valiant book called Bloodshot next and not working with me on the Leinil Francis Yu project we’re launching in September. It’s totally insane. I remember Vaughn being offered this months back, but he turned it down along with a number of other projects he was offered and is starting work on the screenplay for the Leinil project in the next couple of weeks. We talked about it on the phone this morning.

I honestly don’t know where to begin with this piece. Kick-Ass tracking badly? It’s tracking massive. Nemesis having terrible reviews? See main thread for all the great reviews. Nobody producers coming forward for the Nemesis movie? We’ve got Marc Foster, Sam Raimi’s company, Chuck Roven, Marv Productions, WB and others all wanting to talk months before the book is even out and I’m meeting with a director the week after next, closing in on a decision we’ll announce by the end of next month. This is just bonkers stuff and I honestly worry about this guy. It’s a shame that someone you’ve never met is so consumed with hate that he says CAA only keep me on to stop me able to sign with anyone else. Or that Vaughn, who’s a close friend I have three movies planned with, is fed up with my antics, etc. The strangest one, however, is how awful Wanted was and how much it strayed from my original book, the only thing it kept being the “retarded loom thingy” :)

Lord, give me strength!

What’s nice is that we’ll announce what we’re doing in the next couple of months and Drew, the exec at Fox who invited me to write X-Men, can easily confirm. I guess this is just one of those unfortunate things that happen when things are going good. The downside of things going well is that some people become obsessive and weird and this guy, whoever he is, I genuinely just wish well and hope he gets over it. Strange times indeed, but good times and being in the comics industry since age nineteen has given me quite a thick hide when it comes to the more eccentric side of the business.

Latino guys, I like your site. I have checked it out for years, but it’s a disgrace that you’re letting this guy peddle this stuff out there. Uncool.


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