Number Crunching: Nemesis #1

Number Crunching: Nemesis #1

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Name: Millar & McNiven’s Nemesis

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Issue number: 1

Cost: $2.99

That’s nice. Story pages: 23

Of which how many are splash pages: 3

Average panel count per page: 3.17

Pages where there is even one vertical panel break. 1

Does it look like a movie? Yes.

One directed by Michael Bay: Oh yes.

Cost per story page:  13 cents

Additional ad pages for other Mark Millar books: Do you include the cover saying Makes Kick Ass Look Like Shit?

Yes. And the afterword which is there to make people buy his other comics?

Yes. 9 then.

Uses of the F Word: 4.

Uses of the C Word? Which one?

Cunt. 0.

What other C-words are there? Cock.

Okay, uses of that C-Word. 1

Will “That’s right you little peasants, Run! Run” be the new “Do you think this stands for France?” No.

Does Millar seem to confuse the domain of the police and the domain of the FBI? Yes.

Is it a bit odd that Mark Millar chooses a white president to portray these days? Yes.

And should the appearance of the President have been better set up for the last scene? Yes.

Is it also a bit odd that the Washington-DC-set scenes, the public and the police force seem to be ninety percent white? Yes.

Do you reckon it’ll be snapped up for a movie? Yes.

Moments of subtlety: 2 

Moments of balls-to-the-walls bombast. 11.

Explosions: 6

Shots fired: 8

Run over by a train: 1

Actually, it’s more like run through by a train isn’t it? Yes.

Innocent children killed that we see. 1

Innocent children killed that we don’t see? Ooh, about 80 I reckon.

How many people continue to go to a sports game even though there’s a national emergency going down? Looks like a few thousand to me.

Does the Player One, Player Two thing work? Yeah, probably.

Will you pick up the next issue. Oh probably. It’s only $2.99, after all.

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