Humanoids Returns To The USA And Prince Of Persia Comes Along Too

In the new shipping-for-June Previews, there are listings for an old friend. Humanoids Inc, or Les Humanoïdes Associés, whatever you prefer. The French publisher behind a number of European and European-styles properties in the US and the conteninent. There have been a few publishing glitches in the past, principally with DC Comics and then Devil’s Due. But now it appears that the creator-owned imprint is back under its own steam.

There are solicitations for Bouncer: One Armed Gunslinger #1 and a hardcover collection of Bouncer: Cain’s Eye. Their classic Metabarons series re-enters print with volumes 1 to 3, as well as a new listing for Volume 4, Aghora & Last Metabaron. There are also listings for new series Unfabulous Five #1 and Whispers In Walls #1.

In the same Previews, we see that Dynamite has the new Prince Of Persia licence, and new series Bullet To The Head and Stargate: Daniel Jackson. Dark Horse Comics are putting all four issue of their Predators movie spinoff out in the same month. Wildstorm start a Fringe spin-off called Tales From The Fringe. Image have a new Brigade. A new Brigade. Who’d have thought.

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