Size Matters - Even If The Comic Is Free

Size Matters – Even If The Comic Is Free

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Free Comic Book Day is almost upon us. And there has been some controversy – over the size of the free comic books.

Last year, Marvel’s comics for Free Comic Book Days were significantly smaller. Not so much in page count, but in page size. They were “ashcan-sized” and amongst the other normal-sized free comic books looked a little… lacking. Free, sure, but not as popular as other titles to the casual… okay, not buyer… casual freebie-grabber.

Well this yes, they’re doing the same with their Iron Man/Thor and Iron Man/Nova giveaways. And DC Comics announced they were joining them. Both –  War of The Supermen#0 and the DC Kids Mega Sampler 2010 were to be reduced from the standard  6.625″ x 10.1875″ down to 6.1875″ x 9.5″.

Which may have left the main superhero-related comics books of Free Comic Book Day looking a little.. reduced.

Free Comic Book Day was based on the model of the Free Cone Day at Ben And Jerry’s – and this is the equivalent of the two most popular flavours only being made available with a smaller cone.

Naturally publishers are keen to reduce their costs, and Marvel and DC do present an affordable product for retailers to order big on, to give away. And its arguable that Free Comic Book Day is presenting diminishing returns and often playing to the existing market.

However complaints were made. Complaints were listened to. And DC have decided on a compromise – that the War Of The Supermen issue be restored to its previous size.

And there was much rejoicing.

In other FCBD related news, one real bargain was Upper Deck offering shops Marvel trading cards at 50 packs for $1 to give away. Sadly that offer has now been withdrawn…

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