Warning: John McCrea Facebook Scam

Warning: John McCrea Facebook Scam

Posted by February 10, 2010 One Comment

This is a warning to those who know comic book artist John McCrea, artist of Hitman, Dicks, Herogasm and more, specifically those people who may be Facebook friends with the man.

It appears that McCrea’s Facebook account has been hacked, and messages sent to certain friends of his.

The scammer claims that McCrea has just been violently robbed in London, had his wallet, credit cards and mobile phone stolen, and is unable to fly home. And it asks the recipient to wire hundreds of Euros to a certain account to pay for a plane ticket.

The scam has already successfully worked on one person that we know of, who is now in touch with the police. The scammer gave a number of details regarding John’s career, contacts and friends, showing an understanding of the comic industry. It’s very possible that this scam may be used again, possibly with other comic book creators.

So if you receive a similar appeal, it may be worth double checking first,

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