Hot Comics – The Fifty Dollar Club (Feb 2010)

Here are seventeen recently published comic books that are currently breaking the $50 barrier based on actual reported sales. No CGC, no chase variant covers, no signed editions, no hardcovers or out-of-print collections, just the bare bones of your standard floppy comic book. Do you have any of these in your collection? If so… how long will they stay in your collection?

The Walking Dead#1 by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore. Original price $2.99. Current market price: $252.49. With the AMC TV series on the way, can this actually get any hotter? It seems inconceivable but it’s very possible. back in July this book was selling for $150.

Elseworlds Eighty Page Giant #1. original price $4.95. Current market price $234.50. Pulped by DC Comics, except for copies that made it to the UK, I bought thirty of these when they first came out and managed to sell them all from anywhere between $30 and $200, funding a bathroom and a honeymoon. It’s still a very desirable item, even if the central piece, the Kyle Baker Superbaby story has been reprinted elsewhere. The Ty Templeton Adam West And Eve splash hasn’t…

On Raven’s Wing#1 $212. Gerard Way’s comic book profile thanks to Umbrella Academy has shone new light on this pre-Chemical Romance series from Boneyard Press. The second issue also goes for around $35.

Amazing Spider-Man#300. Original price $1.50. Current market price $119.38. Now this is odd. Despite a fading of Todd McFarlane’s star, and the reduction in Venom appeal since Spider-Man 3, this book is still outperforming. Does anyone have an explanation? Also, the misprinted all-white Amazing Spider-Man #400 is suddenly selling for over $100 in some places.

The Walking Dead #2 – $83. Another jump in price here, not as dramatic as issue #1, but this is the zombie book that spinning the market in its grave.

New Mutants #98 – $79. The first appearance of Deadpool by Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld. This bucks the trend of most valuable recent comics in that a million or so copies were initially printed – yet it’s still very valuable indeed. And a Deadpool movie on the way. This is the most valuable comic that’s most likely to be in your longboxes. Sell them before everyone realises.

GI Joe Special #1. Original price $1.50 $77.50. The Todd McFarlane comic that Marvel refused to print and got another artist to draw instead – then printed a few years later when Todd suddenly got all hot and Marvel realised they had a complete Todd issue in the bottom drawer…

GI Joe #155. $77.50. The final issue of GI Joe. Underordered by retailers who believed that no one would want the final issue of a cancelled comic. Yup.

Chew #1 $70. Six months ago this was just a $50 book. It’s growing. If a movie/TV deal is announced it will rocket. Place your bets…

NYX#3 $61 The first appearance of X-23, a young female Wolverine clone who is now firmly entrenched in the Marvel Universe and the Xbooks.

Grimm Fairy Tales #2 $61. Like Vertigo’s Fables, but with tits. And getting much higher prices as well.

Transformers #80 $60. The last issue of Transformers from Marvel. See GI Joe #155

Bojeffries Terror Tome $55. Okay, this is an interesting one. A couple of years ago, Dave Elliott and Garry Leach began republishing the oft-abandoned third Alan Moore creation from Warrior Magazine. By Moore and Steve Parkhouse, this very British take on the Munsters/Addams Family concept, The Bojeffries Saga – collecting old stories and added some new material. And no bugger ordered it. As a result the subsequent two issues were never published…

Rubber Blanket#2 $51.55. Blame this on the amazing success of Mazzuchelli’s Asterois Polyp graphic novel. It has revitalised demand for his work – which means the rarer second print of Rubber Blanket rockets.

Grimm Fairy Tales #1 $51.50. Fables. With tits. Less rare first issue, but still.

Johnny The Homicidal Maniac$50.99. The Slave Labor comic book that still sells and sells and sells, transferring from a goth audience to an emo audience, each discovering it afresh every year. And more and more people wanting that treasured first print.

Sonic The Hedgehog #3 $50. Licensed comics with a lower print run. What are you going to do?

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