Chris Nolan To Reboot New Superman Movie

Chris Nolan To Reboot New Superman Movie

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"Anyone seen my sisters?"

Nikki Finke and Mike Fleming are reporting that Warner Bros is about to announce its Superman movie plans – and they’re giving them to Batman Begins/Dark Knight’s Chris Nolan to mentor. While he won’t make the film himself, he will be hands-on involved in its development.

DC Entertainment has teased a bunch new movie announcements shortly, but the expectation was for the likes of Flash and Wonder Woman rather than the big blue. But Deadline Hollywood is sure and it’s a reboot for the franchise. They quote one insider as saying  “It would definitely not be a followup to Superman Returns.”

This does not in any way replace the third installment of Nolan’s Batman movies, which his brother Jonah Nolan and just-left-FlashForward David Goyer, are working on right now.

Finke and Fleming state that the movie, which she is nicknaming Superman 3.0, will be a test for Diane Nelson as new DC Entertainment boss, integrating the project across the company, and reminds us of the issues regarding the ownership of Superman as copyrights are due to expire in 2013 – though of course Warner Bros retain the trademark. Certainly it will be a lot easier to make a new Superman movie before that date.

Finke also indicates that the new movie will be less in keeping with previous films, and more in keeping wioth the comic book interpretation of the character.

How long before Mark Millar tells everyone he’s been chatting with Christopher Nolan then?

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