Wizard Comic Con Gets Its Game On

Posted by February 4, 2010 Comment

Apparently a number of the Wizard World Comic Cons this year will be hosting what they call “Sanctioned Trading Card Gaming tournaments”

Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, World of Warcraft TCG, basically that means big rooms of people playing card games, not reading/buying comics, with someone watching out for anyone who is being naughty. Oh and there’s competitions, and these count towards… wow… national rankings, I didn’t know there was a thing.

Participants get discount convention entry and only pay for the tournaments they play in. Apparently this is also a good thing.

The first games start in Wizard World Toronoto Comic Con, March 26th-28th.

Is there a category for Happy Families, I was always good at that, because I kept a hidden Mr Bun The Baker card up my sleeve.

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