Five Questions For A Sunday Night

Posted by January 17, 2010 Comment

There has been a lot of hinting going on…

1) Marvel are publishing The Fallen in April. Does this indicate a major culling of the Marvel Universe? They mention a funeral… but “Fallen” is a bit plural isn’t it?

2) Are the Brightest Day banner books purely to be defined by characters who have come back from the dead as a result of the conclusion of Blackest Night or is it, as I’m hoping, something more thematic?

3) Just who is Officer Downe?

4) Just what does HOH stand for – House Of Hulks? Hall Of Hulks? Haberdashery Of Hulks?

5) Is Thanos really coming back to life in Guardians Of The Galaxy #25?

Answers to these questions and more (or quite possibly less) next week I’m sure…

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