Friday Runaround With Vinnie Jones, Ted Rall, Jackie Earle Haley and Christopher Eccleston

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LocalWatch: Scott Hinze of FanBoy Radio gets profiled at DFW.

Aside from his Fanboy Radio world, Hinze co-founded the nonprofit Heroes4Heroes, through which he and co-founder Chris McCroskey gather comic books, DVDs, CDs, magazines, MP3 players and game systems and ship them to active U.S. troops.

But he’s gotta pay the bills, so he also works as a media consultant for a nonprofit startup whose identity and mission are, for now, a secret. He has to stifle himself from saying more. “It’s my big passion,” he says.

VinnieWatch: I’m sure we had this story… the Vinnie Jones superspy comic by Howard Chaykin that will be used to launch Jones’ US TV career gets profiled by The Times. With a nice colour copy of the cover that we, um… found…

Alex Cole and Seth Howard, who are developing the story for television, said that part of the reason he has taken part in Celebrity Big Brother was to raise his profile for the Noble project.

Chaykin said that Americans would not find Jones’s portrayal of a hero jarring because they are not familiar with his reputation as a villain on the football field.

MillarWatch: Mark Millar says he’s meeting with a “very big director” regarding Nemesis in London today. Odds on it’s Ritchie? In other news, the April 16th release date for Kick-Ass has kicked Piranha 3D off its perch, now delayed till August.

FilmWatch: Jackie Earle Haley as Sinestro? Harry had that ages back.

RallWatch: Cartoonist Ted Rall puts the blame for the Haitian disaster at the feet of the USA.

How did Haiti get so poor? Despite a century of American colonialism, occupation, and propping up corrupt dictators? Even though the CIA staged coups d’état against every democratically elected president they ever had? It’s an important question. An earthquake isn’t just an earthquake. The same 7.0 tremor hitting San Francisco wouldn’t kill nearly as many people as in Port-au-Prince.

BBCWatch: Doctor Who as John Lennon? Christopher Eccleston gets the wig treatment for the upcoming BBC drama Lennon Naked. Torchwood‘s Naoko Mori will play Yoko Ono. Also watch out for new BBC series Outcasts from the writers of Spooks (MI5), a new sci-fi series set in 2040, following a group of people setting up a new life on a recently discovered planet. It starts shooting in South Africa shortly.

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