Tuesday's Museums, Films, TV And Theatre - Getting Comics Cultured

Tuesday’s Museums, Films, TV And Theatre – Getting Comics Cultured

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MuseumWatch: The Victorian And Albert Museum in London is planning a Dundee franchise which will, amongst other things, celebrate and exhibit local comics. Dundee is a home to publishers such as DC Thomson, publishers of The Beano, Dandy, Oor Wullie and The Broons, and local talent includes Alan Grant.

FilmWatch: This feels like the week of the uncasting. So Tobey MacGuire  won’t be in Spider-Man 4.  John C Reilly won’t be in Red. Stuart Townsend won’t be in Thor. And Robert Downey Jr won’t be in Cowboys & Aliens. Is it worth pointing out that Brad Pitt won’t be in Flying Friar?

FilmWatch2: Anna Kendrick talks about filming Scott Pilgrim with director Edgar Wright.

I play Michael Cera’s younger sister and I mostly show up to scold him about his life decisions… Edgar is fantastic and so specific. He knew exactly what shot he would use for every line, how he wanted your head and hand to move. I’ve never shot anything so specific. It was challenging but really fun.

StageWatch: The Arrival by Shaun Tan gets adapted to the stage in Australia. To a roaring reception!

The play creates a world – several worlds, in fact – through such a variety of different methods that incorporate everything from transforming mobile sets, strange props, bizarre puppets and even human bodies alone, and in such unexpected combinations that the show is faintly reminiscent of some multi-disciplinary game of charades.

TVWatch: To launch the new series of Breaking Bad on AMC in March, the site will be running an “interactive graphic novel in which users can grill a suspect” – can’t we have a game where we can cook some meth instead? Cooking Mama meets Grand Theft Auto? No?

TVWatch2: The Human Target‘s debut this Sunday on US television means we’re getting more and more media mentions, even including passing mentions to the comic

WebWatch: Todd Allen’s web comic strip Division And Rush for Chicago Now gets diagnosed by Art Patient.

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