Problems In Storytelling #1 - The Siege

Problems In Storytelling #1 – The Siege

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The Siege #1 is the beginning Marvel’s big new mini-series that will impact across the Marvel Universe and, presumably, bring on The Heroic Age. We’ve got Thor, Iron Man and Captain America sharing the same comic, big explosions, lots of action and lots of chess pieces doing their thing.All good superheroic stuff.

But in the middle of the comic there’s a clunker. A page which refuses to be read. This one:

You’ve got two columns of panels, one on the left, one on the right, competing for the eye. Seriously, where is it meant to go? This way?

Well that makes no sense. Okay, let’s try the other.

Again a no. Because you’re meant to cross cross from column to column with no indication as to which is which, save context.

Basically you’re reading a comic as if it were a jigsaw and that’s not fair. Even with the art laid out as it was, this could have been fixed by judicious use of speech balloons. But it wasn’t. Which is odd because shortly afterwards you get a far more complex double splash page that’s a dream to read.

Wonderful. But come on chaps, stay consistent, especially on such a high profile book as this.

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