Marvel Mobile Phone Comics Spread Across India

Bleeding Cool has written a couple of pieces on the sudden massive expansion of mobile phone comics “momics” across India with one coompany employing hundreds of people to work on the lines.

Well, one Indian comics company Tata Docomo has decided to outsource much of their line to America and Japan, launching their Docomics line.

Marvel comics, including the likes that are available in the US on the iPhone, will be published on normal phones, boosted by special effects including character vibration, sounds and zooming speech balloons and captions. And as well as the likes of Astonishing X-Men, Amazing Spider-Man and Civil War, customers wil also have access to manga titles such as Geobreeders, Tamahagane and Aqua Planet Chronicle.

Each comic will cost 15 Rupees (33 cents) to download onto phones. Which is a lot cheaper than the $1.99 price point in the US…

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