You Don’t Have To Be M.A.D To See It…

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It’s not just films that are forgetting to actually have the comic before adapting a graphic novel.

This Sunday in Saratoga Springs, the play Manhattan After Dark opens featuring “Teenage superheroes. Evil villains. Philosophical musings and a terrorist plot brewing in the streets of Manhattan” to be performed “in the style of a graphic novel”

Presumably this means everyone being two dimensional figures, frozen in time and space as someone turns the pages of reality? No? No. Just some oddly placed backgrounds and panel borders I expect. Maybe someone walking on with a caption.

Oh and it also includes live percussion and hip hop, acting with city residents and students. The play

tells the tale of two teens, Isis and Josh, who are struggling adolescents by day and superheroes striving to save the world from a disastrous evil plot by night — but instead of using typical powers, they manipulate time and space in the fourth dimension, using advanced meditation techniques.

See, it’s not just superheroes, it’s hippy-hop superheroes.

2 p.m. this Sunday at Saratoga Springs Public Library on 49 Henry St if you’re interested. If you’re not, why not take up ping pong?

Manhattan After Dark is made possible in part by a grant from the New York State Council of the Arts. Of course it is. Tickets are free. Of course they are.

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