Cowboys And Aliens Finally Shooting In July - And In 3D To Boot

Cowboys And Aliens Finally Shooting In July – And In 3D To Boot

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Big Numbers #4. Miracleman #25. Hepcats #13. And the Cowboys And Aliens movie.

Conceived of by Scott Rosenberg and promoted off the back of Men In Black, Cowboys And Aliens was first picked up by Universal to be made into a film in 1997, after the success of Independence Day. There will be people going to see the film who weren’t born back then.

Since then, there have been many promises regarding the property that failed to come to fruition. Hell, the comic book itself took another eleven years to come out from Scott’s company Platinum Studios. And on release was plagued with scandal, accused of trying to fix the chart system and be the month’s number one selling graphic novel by paying certain stores to order copies in their thousands, presumably as part of a plan to push the comic book to an actual film.

Well now we have Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof on script. Robert Downey Jr. looks like he’s up for a role. And John Favreau helping to seal the deal for a post Iron Man 2 team up again for the DreamWorks project. And shoot in July in 3D, if The Daily Beast is to be believed.

Twelfth time lucky?

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