The Other Blackest Night… What If Alan Davis Had Led The Charge?

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WGLcorpBlackest Night has been the big crossover that has pushed Green Lantern to the fore, redefined the mythos of the character, made it relevant to all the DC Universe and has seemingly sold quite well too. But what if Geoff Johns had been otherwise occupied?

Back in September 2007, comic book creator Alan Davis posted the following to his website;

I can’t discuss the detail of my Green Lantern proposal because it was bought-out. Peter Tomasi was the commissioning editor and he had asked me to come up with something radical BUT my proposal was eventually considered TOO radical. It probably was because I rationalised the ring’s weakness to the colour yellow, the 24 hour recharge, why when there are only 3600 Green Lanterns in the Galaxy that four are based on earth—And why Hal became the Spectre.

He then posted regarding Geoff John’s Green Lantern revamp;

Geoff showed me some pages he had on his lap top in Bristol 2006 but that’s all I saw and, judging by that, it wasn’t close to what I had proposed.

However don’t expect much proposals along these lines in the future, much more recently Alan posted;

I’ve decided the Wolverine Annual will be my last writing for the foreseeable future and I’ll go back to being ‘just’ a penciller!

As someone who especially loved his Captain Britain and Excalibur written work especially (I’ve spent the last few days reading the Captain Britain Omnibus) I shout “for shame.” But we will see his written work in Wolverine, Daredevil and Fantastic Four Annuals next year and Davis appears to hint that there may be a Clandestine connection within…

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