Boxing Day Runaround – Pogo, Politics, Park And Presents

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pogoNextChristmasWatch: Will the hardcover Pogo collections from Fantagraphics be next year’s must-have Christmas gift?

GameWatch: The US Edition of the Aliens VS Predator Hunter edition game will come with a free hardcover Aliens Vs Predator collection from Dark Horse.

PoliticsWatch: Roland Laird is standing for Trenton City Council in May. Husband of Trenton’s Download associate director Taneshia Nash-Laird, he’s better known as the CEO of Posro Media, creating comics targetted at the African-American community, and writer with Taneshia of the graphic novel Still I Rise.

CapitalismWatch: The Guardian cares about the overwhelming influence of American consumer brands on children’s lives.

At one time, the adventures of Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, the Hulk and their ilk, were confined to the Saturday kids’ show at the cinema and to comics. But today superheroes and aliens dominate boys’ worlds, and have even made inroads into schools in the name of encouraging boys to read by giving them material they like – or have learned to like. So is this just “harmless fun”, as one parent said to me somewhat indignantly, or a form of brain-deadening?

PublicServiceTVWatch: As Russell T Davies goes to war over the BBC, Stan Lee pushes his own favourite show, Art: 21.

My favorite artist was Cao Fei. She videotapes Chinese and New York hip-hop dancers as part of a multimedia installation. Artists have been photographing ballet dancers for years. But her piece was so colorful and imaginative [she mixes real dancers with ordinary people] that the whole program comes to life.

Right, off to take the kids down the park. Eve got a keyboard, Alice got a set of Baboushka Dolls. Oh and they gave me the Alan Moore/Alan Davis Captain Britain Omnibus. How did they know?

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