Number Crunching: Dark Avengers Annual #1

Number Crunching: Dark Avengers Annual #1

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da1Price: $4.99

Story page count: 37 

Story page count without the preview of something you’ll probably buy anyway: 31

Of which how many are splash pages: 4

Price per non-preview story page: 16 cents

Really? Does that include sales tax?: No

Price per story page in Chew #1 TPB also out this week: 9 cents

Number of people I saw in the shop who put it back on the shelf when they saw the price: 6

Big spoiler at the end because Captain America Reborn is late: 1

Scenes of Marvel Boy’s new costume where you realise he looked so much cooler as a superhero in a sharp suit and shades: 2

Moments where Chris Bachalo draws an ankh necklace that suddenly takes you right back to Death: The High Cost Of Living: 7

Moment where Norman Osborn suddenly forgets that Venom is an alien symbiote for some reason when he’s, like, standing right there: 1

Solicitation details that weren’t accurate: 2*

Realisations that hey, didn’t Joe Quesada say he wanted annuals to be integrated as issues of ongoing series rather than extra-sized specials in their own right, and what are the odds that would have been cheaper?: 1

* (“DOUBLE-SIZED chapter” and “Also, the Sentry’s true self revealed!!”)

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