Neil Gaiman And Sky’s Not-Quite-Twelve Days Of Christmas

nighyNeil Gaiman has been talking about the origins of his short silent film Statuesque starring Bill Nighy, that he wrote and directed as part of a series for Sky TV.

The idea came from the fact that before Amanda was a rock star, she used to be a human statue. I realised it was a great idea for a silent movie

The leading pay-TV subscription service in the UK commissioned the films as part of a Twelve Days Of Christmas theme, twelve silent short films by interesting voices starring known names as part of their Christmas programming.

However, I understand that someone in programming or production made a little error with the budget. As a result, despite all the previous publicity, there will now only be Eleven Days Of Christmas. And all mention of the “twelve” aspect is forbidden…

Naturally, Statuesque is one of the films that made it through!

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