Monday Morning Runaround – Neil Gaiman, Osama Tezuka and Tony Lee

Tony Lee continues to spin the Indian press as if they are his playthings. Which they are! And they tell us;

Lee is currently working on Journal, a comic book featuring a fictional love story.

The Guardian asks where is the Osama Tezuka credit in all the Astro Boy movie fuss. And also reminds us;

He’s a cute little robot with rocket boots, spiky black hair and – winningly – the ability to shoot bullets out of his backside.

f_p2gaimanDuring his recent time in Singapore, Neil Gaiman spoke to The Star about his stuff, specifically his new book based on the classic Journey To The West (Monkey), and the abscence of a Death movie;

New Line and Warner Bros got into an internal power struggle. After that New Line Pictures vanished and became a filing cabinet somewhere in the Warner Bros building, and so they no longer had any power to go ahead with this film

Don’t you just love Hollywood?

Tonight, I’m at the ICA chairing a talk about the future of superheroes as part of ComICA which you might have read about somewhere on Bleeding Cool. It’s got Cameron Stewart, Karl Kerschl and Ramon Perez. There are probably tickets and there will be drinks afterwards. It’s going to be one of those things… expect reduced posting today I think… sorry. Oh also Alex De Campi needs a skip week, what with directing music videos, and Adi’s column ran last night.

Should be quite a good post in an hour or so though. Enjoy.

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