Pop Gun Volume Four Gets A Cover By Ben Templesmith

That’s right! The anthology comic Pop Gun‘s fourth volume is actually going to have a cover. I believe the Image book considered not having a cover but then realised that that would just make the first page the cover, defeating the purpose. Then they considered not having a first page to get round that problem, but then the next page after that would be the de facto cover. In the end if they wanted to have something they could call a comic, it would have to have a cover. So, after bribing Ben Templesmith with money, they plumped for the following:


I think they made the right decision, don’t you?

Find more about this volume here and read the full short stories Kill The Legend, The Black Decahedron, Stay For Breakfast and The Jacket.

Pop Gun is published in February. You know, the month when all the best Image comics are coming out.

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