Monday Meyer, Main Man And Men Of Plasticine

This week the Female Force: Stephanie Meyer biography ships from Bluewater Productions in two formats, a 22 page and an expanded 40 page version including a history of the town Forks, where Meyer’s Twilight is set, which will be counted as the best selling graphic novel of the month.

And it doesn’t even come with a free plastic ring.

Budding comic book writers, time to get pissed off. Scott Ian of Anthrax talks about how he got his Lobo writing gig at DC Comics

My manager told me about DC being interested in working with me and I was asked if I would like to have a meeting with them and I had no idea why I was being called in… They asked “do you know why you’re here?” and I instantly thought I was in trouble but they asked if I would like to write a book for them. I had to say to them “you are aware that I’ve never written a comic book before, let alone a story or a screenplay?!” I write lyrics and blog about food and music! They said that they had read that and they thought I had an interesting take on things and a point of view and so they just wanted to see what I could do.


Titan have put Wallace & Gromit comics on Apple iPhones and iPods by Dan Abnett and Simon Furman for 99c (59p) each


While people would buy one volume of a graphic novel, I’ve spent Rs 18,000 on an entire collection at one go.

I seem to have created a rather good cartoon for Guido Fawkes. Just thought I’d mention it.

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