Lantern Smackdown

Lantern Smackdown

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From last week’s Green Lantern… okay it might come off as a pwning of Alan Moore’s comments a few weeks back, but that would have been a very last minute change and it’s impossible for the mighty publishing machine could have reacted so quickly. I understand it is, however, a refutation to some readers who had previously accused Johns and the likes of mining all of Blackest Night from that prophecy page in Moore’s Tales Of The Green Lantern Corps story all those years ago – which, if you read it, never actually mentioned a “Blackest Night”.


Irony of ironies is of course that the elements of the prophecies that were used in recent Green Lantern storylines were, I understand at the suggestion of Moore-collaborator Dave Gibbons when he was working on the Sinestro Corps storyline, which is why Ranx,  the Children of Lobe and Sodam Yat popped up in Green Lantern Corps at the time…

Things have moved on a bit since. Still, I do love a good in-print slapdown, don’t you? And doesn’t it look pretty?

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