Scott Kurtz… Or Is It Kurt Scottz… On His Wizard World Invite

scottIf you’re going to invite a prominent critic to one of your conventions to hopefully placate him, always, always address him by name. The right name. As Scott Kurtz, author of PVP and a number of comments about Wizard World Conventions let the world know when he received the following hail.

From: Larry Ernst
to: Scott Kurtz

Dear Kurt,

I hope things are well and business is good.

Yowch. No wonder Scott decided to respond openly with paragraphs such as;

Your conventions are total horseshit, so it’s wise to stop branding them with the name Wizard. But no amount of polishing is going to make me want to attended any of the 5 turds your company is going to crap out in 2010, especially when you schedule them against other shows in some bullshit dick measuring contests that serves no other purpose but to fracture an already dying industry that I have nostalgic ties to.


Give Dushku my best. She’s pretty hot and Dollhouse is alright. Otherwise, shove everything else up your ass.

Lookis like Scott won;t be going to Megan Fox Tits Wolverine World Anaheim after all.

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